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Attenuation Tanks

Over recent years there has been a big increase in water attenuation tanks incorporated within the drainage schemes.  Flooding has been a huge problem across the UK and it is clear such attenuation tanks are key in controlling surface water in flood conditions.  We have constructed several different types of attenuation tanks, 1200 diameter holding concrete pipes, flow control chambers complete with hydro-breaks, pre-cast concrete culverts, Carlow pre-cast sections and a variety of storm cells.  Many of these operations can be seen in the gallery on our website.

Most attenuation tanks form part of drainage adoption scheme either through Welsh Water or the Local Authority, therefore the work has to be constructed to the highest standard, surveyed and inspected by the adopting authority.  We have worked with Welsh Water and Local Authorities since 1995 and therefore built a strong relationship and understanding of what is required.

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